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My Money – Personal Finance & Budgeting Online Course

My Money – Personal Finance & Budgeting Online Course

Personal finance and budgeting is a plan that helps you to allocate income towards expenses, savings and debt repayment. It is important to ensure you are spending less than you have coming in to avoid debt problems and other financial issues. There are many factors to include when allocating a personal budget, including mortgages or rent, bills, insurance and other important amenities. Once these are paid, it is possible to save for more luxurious items or spend what is known as discretionary income.

How Can I Budget More Effectively?

This course, developed exclusively by e-Careers, will help you to plan expenditure for both short-term and long-term so you can map out your own financial success. Tax, insurance and home costs are just some examples of what you will study in-depth, making your spending easier to understand.

We will make budgeting easier and guide you in conscious decisions when allocating your income to expenses. You will also learn how to save for retirement, emergencies, luxuries and other life events which will affect your plans. We provide practical guidance on the different ways, tools and websites you should be using to help you save money.

Once you have the knowledge and the practical guidance of where to go and what to do, we will also walk you through the next steps to tighten up your finances. Whether you have a spare room to rent, or you’re a student struggling to pay the bills, this course will give you advice on how to handle your situation.

About the Course Authors

The course has been written by three personal finance and money saving experts who have a wide range of experience.

Andy Webb runs the Be Clever with Your Cash blog. He also has television and online publication experience as a journalist, researcher and producer for MoneySavingExpert.com, the BBC’s Money Programme and currently works as a voluntary Financial Capability Trainer for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Kalpana Fitzpatrick is a financial journalist who has written for national publications including the Financial Times, Channel 4 and DailyMail Online. She runs the Mummy Money Matters website and is the Ambassador for Global Money Week – an initiative by Child & Youth Finance International – which promotes financial education to children around the world.

Faith Archer writes for the Sunday Times and Financial Times, she blogs at Much More With Less and has written for a wide variety of newspapers, websites, companies and charities about personal finance and budgeting.

Together, they have combined their relevant expertise and knowledge to bring personal finance and budgeting into a learning solution which will explain everything and give helpful hints and tips of how, and where you can save your money.


  • Introduction
  • Life Stages
  • Your Money and Your Income
  • Using Your Money
  • Managing Your Money
  • Insurance
  • Homes and Mortgages
  • Your Spending
  • Saving Your Money
  • Borrowing Money
  • Life Events


  • Insider knowhow from money saving experts who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in savings and personal finance.
  • Customise the course content for your own needs and commitments
  • Did you know facts to help you understand your situation, how to deal with it and more tips from the experts
  • Blogs and forums for the latest in money saving advice and news
  • Videos and more interactive course content to help your learning experience
  • End of module quizzes to help you consolidate your learning
  • Your Money And Your Income
  • Using Your Money
  • Managing Your Money
  • Insurance
  • Homes And Mortgages
  • Your Spending
  • Saving Your Money
  • Borrowing Money
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