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Supporting Remote Teams

Supporting Remote Teams

If your career aims involve a position where supporting remote teams or individuals is a key part of the role, this short course will quickly boost your skillset in that area. Whether you’re already working in such a job, or want to add a relevant course to your CV while making applications, a course to help you effectively support remote teams is a worthwhile investment.

What is a Remote Team?

Many companies now employ teams or individuals who work virtually or remotely for a wide number of reasons. However, remote workers need just as much support and management as on site employees. If providing this support is part of your job specification, or you run a business that employs remote workers, this course will improve your understanding of the benefits and challenges of remote working, and teach you how to support remote teams effectively.

How Does the Course Work?

This short course will fit easily around your current job and other commitments, and includes a variety of ‘bite sized’ resources to dip into when you have some spare time. These include website and video resources, plus additional reading and activities to consolidate your lesson learning.


Focus on understanding the challenges and benefits of remote working, and learn how you can effectively support and get the best out of a remote team member:

  • Learn the positives and potential pitfalls of remote and virtual working.
  • Discover the importance of good communication, and the key role that planning and technology can play.
  • Learn how cultural differences and the working practices of different countries can have an impact, and why understanding these differences is vital.
  • Discover how to overcome barriers of language with effective communication methods and the use of technology.
  • Gain an understanding of how to set and manage health, safety and welfare policies and procedures for remote staff.
  • Learn how best to support staff, regardless of where they work.
  • Understand the different ways to communicate with remote teams and how to ensure this communication is clear and effective.
  • Learn about the rights and requirements of remote workers when it comes to health, safety and welfare. Apply this knowledge to lone workers and staff travelling for business too.


  • Get the best from remote workers with a skillset that enables you to support and communicate with them effectively.
  • Boost your CV with this key skill in a supportive/management role.
  • Give any business you work for confidence in your ability to support remote/virtual employees.
  • Utilise a number of different learning tools and resources to underpin the knowledge learned in this short course, including website, video and extra reading resources.
  • Extra activities are set to test and consolidate your learning.
  • Study at your own pace, where and when it suits you.
  • All course material can be accessed 24/7, for 12 months.
  • Technical support is offered if required.

Support your own career development with this short course which will ensure you get the best out of any team member, wherever they are based.

This CACHE endorsed learning programme is delivered by Laser Learning, our official partner.

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