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Time Management

Time Management

All of us feel pressure to get things done at work, and from time to time this can become stressful when it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This short, great value online course is designed to empower you to take back control by learning time management skills.

What Will I Learn?

This course will show you that although you may not be able to control your workload or the demands of your job, good time management involves changing your behaviour rather than learning a skill. There are lots of strategies and tricks you can adopt in your day to day working life to increase efficiency, and in doing so, alleviate the stress that can be associated with poor time management.

Do I Have Time for This?

Of course you do. This short course has been specifically designed for busy professionals who need quick and effective solutions to their time management issues. All study takes place online at a time of your choosing, so it’s easy to fit around your existing commitments.


Progress through the lesson to sharpen up your time management skills and become more efficient.

  • Find out what the personal benefits of good time management are and how you can implement them.
  • Learn about how good time management involves behavioural changes rather than learning a skill.
  • Explore how you can adapt your schedule to make the most of the times of day you feel most energetic.
  • Discover the key to good time management in Time Management Skills from the Skills You Need website.
  • Expand your knowledge with the Brefi Group produced Covey’s Four Quadrants for Time Management.
  • Learn about the origin and implementation of the Pareto Principle in Understanding the Pareto Principle (The 80-20 Rule) from the Better Explained website.
  • Explore the links between stress and time management in Stress Management and Time Management from the Free Management Library.
  • Look at the Top 7 Secrets to Time Management Success on the Success Consciousness website.
  • Study Time Management – 10 Strategies for Better Time Management from the University of Georgia.
  • Read an article called Meaning of Time Management on the Leadership Central website.
  • Delve deeper into the subject with the Time Management presentation.
  • Watch the video How to Manage Your Time Better by Watch Wellcast, which explains how to use a ‘record, analyse and change’ method to manage your time better.
  • Complete the time management multiple choice assessment to prove your new time management skillset.


  • Customer support is on hand, should you encounter problems.
  • Carefully chosen reading material, presentations, videos, activities and opportunities for further study means all learning styles are taken into account and learning is easy to access and engaging.
  • Enjoy access to the course for a 12 full months on signing up.
  • Developing excellent time management skills is an in demand quality that will get you noticed by employers and improve your efficiency in all areas of life.

Don’t waste any more time – sign up to Time Management today!

This CACHE endorsed learning programme is delivered by Laser Learning, our official partner.

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