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Meteorology Diploma Level 3

Meteorology Diploma Level 3

Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere, atmospheric phenomena, and atmospheric effects on our weather. The atmosphere is the gaseous layer of the physical environment that surrounds a planet. Earth’s atmosphere is roughly 100 to 125 kilometres (65-75 miles) thick. Gravity keeps the atmosphere from expanding much farther.

What is a Meteorologist?

Meteorologists predict the weather and study the causes of particular weather conditions using information obtained from the land, sea and upper atmosphere.

Meteorologists can have many different jobs including daily weather forecasting, atmospheric research, teaching, broadcasting and supporting clients through private sector meteorological companies.


This programme will teach you how to observe, report and forecast weather conditions.

You will recognise the factors, which affect the weather and gather an understanding of the importance of accurate predictions.

  • Understand the key composition the solar system
  • Learn the term "Meteorology"
  • Understand the importance of seasons
  • Understand how the moon affects the tides
  • Learn the term "eclipse"
  • Understand the organisation of the "Atmosphere"
  • Recognise how atmospheres have different compositions
  • Gain an understanding of the passage of solar energy
  • Learn about the "Monsoon"
  • Discover the meaning of a "Stratosphere"
  • Evaluate atmospheric pressure and atmospheric humidity
  • Realise the purpose of a synoptic map
  • Explore cloud formation
  • Provide an overview of two types of precipitation
  • Understand the origin of air movement
  • Understand the basic requirements required to fuel a thunderstorm
  • Discover the stages in the life cycle of a thunderstorm
  • Realise how the violent turbulence of lighting and thunder are created
  • Establish what weather forecasting data needs to be collected
  • Know the importance of accurate forecasts
  • Learn how to set up a basic weather station
  • Understand the purpose of a "Anemometer"
  • Understand what constitutes a "Pollutant"
  • Recognise the effect of Pollution on the planet
  • Gain an overview of the Greenhouse Effect and identify the gases involved
  • Discover the causes of Ozone Depletion
  • Understand the cause and effect of "Sunspots"
  • Understand the relationship between methane and climatic changes
  • Look at Atmospheric Cures
  • Discuss your view of the future of climate change


  • As a meteorologist you will have good career options, and the experience and knowledge to serve your country as well as the rest of the world.
  • So many activities are directly or indirectly affected by the weather, use the knowledge you gain from this course to ensure that bad weather will not ruin your day.
  • You will present yourself with a chance to go on TV and radio channels.
  • Studying Meteorology can be a great hobby and present great health benefits. Hobbies are good for your mind and body!
  • Earth as a planet
  • The atmosphere
  • Weather patterns
  • Weather patterns (cont.)
  • Weather forecasting
  • Atmospheric pollution
  • Climatic change
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