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Produce Minutes

Produce Minutes

If you need to take minutes at work meetings but worry about inaccuracies or omissions, then this short, online course is the perfect solution for you. It’s designed to get you taking minutes confidently and competently, no matter the setting or business type you work in.

Why is Minute Taking Important?

Minutes aren’t just there to summarise what’s been said and by who in a meeting, important though this is. They also serve as an important historical and legal record of a meeting’s attendees and content. This is why it’s crucial that your business can rely on your minutes to be an accurate record of a meeting that took place on any given day. Not only that, the meeting’s attendees need to receive accurate minutes in order to be clear about the actions they need to take arising from the discussions in the meeting.

How Does the Course Work?

Because all learning takes place online, this course is ideal for busy professionals whether they are minute taking novices or just need to brush up on the minute taking skills they already possess. And not only is e-learning a time effective way to boost your career skills, it’s a cost effective solution too, when compared with more traditional types of learning.


Use the course material to become a minute taking expert.

  • Learn about the primary objectives of minutes.
  • Explore the importance of accuracy when creating the legal and historical record that minutes represent.
  • Discover the different types of minutes you may wish to take in different situations.
  • Further your knowledge by studying the short guide, the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Access the Effective Meetings website to discover what you should do before, during and after a meeting to ensure optimum minute-taking.
  • Consolidate your new skillset by reading three in-depth articles on the different things to consider when taking minutes.
  • Give your learning a practical focus by watching the presentation on How to Take Minutes of Meetings.
  • Deepen your knowledge of good practice by watching a specially tailored video which demonstrates good practice in minute taking.
  • Expand your knowledge in the Extended Learning section by reading Tips for Excellent Minute Taking by specialist minute taking service, Ubiqus.
  • Learn even more by reading the eleventh version of Meeting Minutes According to Robert’s Rules – the original dates back to 1876.
  • Prove your minute taking skillset by completing the multiple choice assessment.


  • Enjoy the course for a full year on signing up.
  • Technical support is available, should you need it.
  • The real world approach of the presentation and video equip you with practical skills as well as theoretical know how.
  • The suggested extended learning is the ideal signpost towards enhancing your knowledge beyond the essentials.
  • The proven ability to efficiently take accurate minutes is an in demand skill that will get you noticed by potential employers.

Don’t wait another minute – sign up to Produce Minutes today to become a minute taking pro.

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