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If you have a responsibility for reception duties at work, this great value short online course is designed to get you carrying out the many and varied tasks you are expected to perform in a friendly, efficient and professional manner.

What Does a Receptionist Do?

As the first point of contact in an organisation, a receptionist is very often the staff member on which an organisation is judged. Not only that, in addition to the excellent people skills that greeting visitors and dealing with phone enquires requires, a receptionist also shoulders important responsibilities when it comes to ensuring company procedures for dealing with visitors are adhered to and that the organisation is working within the rules of the Data Protection Act.

How Does the Course Work?

All the content of this short, easy to access course can be studied online, making it the perfect solution for busy people who need to fit their continuing professional development around their work and family commitments.


Work through the lesson to learn all you need to know to be a great receptionist.

  • Learn about the vital role a receptionist plays in an organisation.
  • Find out about the legal responsibilities your business has for visitors while on the premises.
  • Explore the many and varied duties of a receptionist.
  • Gain insight into some of the essential qualities and skills in Good Qualities of a Receptionist from the Small Business Chronicle.
  • Read the How to be a Good Receptionist guide from the WikiHow website.
  • Learn about the crucial area of health and safety with Health & Safety at Work – a Company’s Responsibility from the Inform Direct website.
  • Explore the crucial area of appropriate procedure to identify that visitors are legitimate and learn about your responsibilities with regard to the Data Protection Act with Information Security (Principle 7) from the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Find and read your organisation’s own procedures for dealing with visitors on site.
  • Expand your knowledge with the informative presentation on Reception Duties.
  • See good practice in action with the Education Scotland video Job Role – Receptionist – Elaine Walters, which takes a look at the role of a receptionist in a scientific environment.
  • Learn independently with extended learning reading suggestions on the important subjects of virtual receptionists, tips on greeting office visitors, how to be an outstanding receptionist and the key performance objectives of a receptionist.
  • Complete the multiple choice assessment to prove your reception skillset.


  • Technical support is always available, should you run into problems.
  • The lesson includes an activity sheet, which enables you to test your new skills by completing tasks before undertaking the final assessment.
  • Specially tailored reading material, presentations, videos, activities and opportunities for further study means all learning styles are taken into account and learning is fun and engaging.
  • Access to the course is for 12 months on signing up.
  • Great receptionists are like gold dust to employers, so this short course will enhance your career prospects.

Become the professional face of your organisation by signing up to Reception today.

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Online Course
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Mac OS
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Google Chrome
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Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android



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