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Apple IOS 11 App Developer & Apple Watch Coding Crash Course (EC113635)

Apple IOS 11 App Developer & Apple Watch Coding Crash Course

Apple have continued to lead innovation in mobile gadgets and wearable technology and this two-course package will give you the knowledge in the Swift programming language to develop iOS friendly applications and how to create and develop apps for WatchOS.

iOS 11 is the eleventh version of Apple’s mobile operating system, developed specifically for use with their mobile devices, with WatchOS being the mobile operating system developed exclusively for the AppleWatch.

This package is perfect for beginners to coding looking to become an App Developer or Programmer, specialising in iOS applications. You will learn how to use various Apple software functions in the Xcode 9 platform while learning to use augmented reality and image manipulation tools.

There are no educational requirements for this course, however you will need a Mac computer with Xcode8 in order to complete it.


  • You will learn how to build and write apps for WatchOS, one of Apple’s fastest selling products.
  • Learn the fundamentals of making apps in Xcode and Swift for WatchOS
  • Understand how to leverage what you learn to other Apple platforms
  • You will also learn how to write apps that integrate with Apple HealthKit
  • Understand the design and functionality of a watchOS app
  • Learn how to build a simple app of your own in Xcode
  • Basics of the Swift 4.0 programming language
  • Navigate the Xcode interface
  • Build a simple calculator app from scratch
  • Build an RGB To Hex code colour converter app
  • Learn how to create a hangman games
  • Build an average calculator app
  • Build a savings calculator app
  • Design apps in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Use SpriteKit to build iPhone games
  • Introduction to ARKit
  • Learn the MapKit framework in an iOS context
  • Learn how to use CoreImage Filters to modify the appearance of images and videos


  • Learn everything you need to know to develop functioning iOS apps on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
  • Develop an exclusive skillset in writing apps and programs in Swift, which is a rare commodity in programming today.
  • Develop apps for the AppleWatch – one of the latest and most popular wearable gadgets in the world.
  • Build a simple app of your own to develop your practical experience and display your programming prowess.
  • This course is taught by a highly-experienced instructor.
  • 24/7 access to the course content over 12 months.
  • Ideal course for beginners who wish to build their knowledge, utilising an up-and-coming programming language.
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