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Unity 3D & VR Game Bundle (EC113641)

Unity 3D & VR Game Bundle

Video game development by independent (or “Indie”) developers has become a modern phenomenon in the gaming industry. Gamers have become tired of the same old gameplay and mechanics in the Triple-A titles which publishers push out on an almost yearly basis. This is where Indie Developers have come to the fore with their ability to create mesmerising worlds and unique gameplay, on a budget which is minimal compared to the giants of the gaming industry like EA and Ubisoft.

This course package will help you to utilise the power of the Unity 3D game engine to create engaging and entertaining virtual and 3D games. You could become the next talk of the town when it comes to game development, helping to bring your imagination and creations to life with the most popular game development platform.


In this course, you will learn:

  • How to make games using the Unreal Engine.
  • How to build mini 3D Virtual Reality games in Unity from scratch.
  • How to make 2D and 3D games in Unity.
  • How to build games using Construct 2.
  • How to build games using GameMaker.
  • How to build and model a 3D Super MARLO runner clone in Unity.
  • The basics of writing and compiling Unity scripts.
  • Modelling, rigging and animating assets for import into the development game and eventual use in the finished game.
  • The fundamentals of Unity 3D scripting principles including functions, variables, conditionals and inputs – all required to control onscreen behaviours.
  • Using light mapping techniques to improve 3D appearance and realism during game play.
  • Implementing the Shuriken Particle System to create fire, smoke and muzzle flash effects within games.
  • Understanding and adjusting game dynamics, such as movement animation to improve the gaming experience and to make character actions more realistic.
  • The Unity 3D engine and how to use mipmaps, rendering paths and topology to build realistic gaming scenarios.
  • How to build mobile-ready games for smartphones and tablets using Unity 3D to maximise performance and experience using the various techniques and tools available.
  • How to build 2D animations for cartoon-style games.
  • Pulling all the advanced techniques together to create an action-packed 3D game ready for deployment to PCs, games consoles and mobile devices.


  • Develop cross platform game development skills using Unity 3D
  • Design and build creative 3D and VR games for mobile, PCs and games consoles
  • Skills that will open employment opportunities in the gaming industries
  • Create projects alongside your instructor, so you can learn by doing
  • Self-paced training means you can study whenever you like with 24/7 access
  • 12 months’ access to the course content
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