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MS Windows 8-New Features

MS Windows 8-New Features

Become a Windows 8 power user by completing the MS Windows 8 – New Features course. This programme of study introduces students to the all-new Windows 8 operating system, so that they can overcome many of the common barriers to productivity that accompany a new system interface.

As a basic introduction to Microsoft Windows 8 this course is best suited to:

  • Students who have recently purchased a new computer but are confused by the Windows 8 interface.
  • Experienced computer users who want to know more about Windows 8 and how to use it efficiently.
  • Super users who will be responsible for showing colleagues how to perform common tasks using Windows 8.
  • Individuals who want to know more about Windows 8 before committing to buying a new computer or upgrading the operating system on their existing PC.

Using a combination of instructor led videos and interactive self-study materials, the MS Windows 8 – New Features course delivers quick and simple training using the online learning platform. The platform is available 24x7, so that students can access training materials and exercises whenever and wherever is most convenient for them; they really can study at their own pace.

Students will also be able to access our social network to discuss the practicalities of using Windows 8 and to ask their peers for general help and advice for concepts they are having trouble understanding.

Key learning points

Intended as a high-level introduction to Microsoft Windows 8, this course provides a basic overview of the new features that learners will encounter. This taster programme highlights many of the differences between Windows 8 and its predecessors, and provides some basic guidance on how best to use these new features.

Among the topics covered by this course are:

  • The decision by Microsoft to start something new with Windows 8.
  • Familiarisation with the new Metro interface, and how to switch back to Desktop mode for older applications.
  • The new touch features of Windows 8 that will help boost productivity on tablets and touch-screen computers.
  • Using the File Explorer to locate and manage data and files.
  • Using a Microsoft account to unlock new features, like access to the Windows App store and OneDrive Cloud file storage.
  • Using the People and Messaging modern UI apps to stay connected to friends, family and colleagues.
  • Creating a Windows To Go system – a bootable USB stick that allows users to access their computer system and files any place, any time.
  • How to simplify the backup and restore process to prevent data loss.
  • Changing keyboard and language settings to improve productivity.

Advantages of this course

By completing the MS Windows 8 – New Features course, students will be able to hit the ground running once they begin using Windows 8 on their PC. By understanding the key differences between Windows 8 and earlier Microsoft operating systems, learners will be more ready to implement the changes in workflow required to maintain productivity levels.

Other benefits of the MS Windows 8 – New Features course include:

  • A basic understanding of Microsoft Windows 8 and how to take advantage of the new features.
  • An understanding of what has changed in Windows 8 and why, helping students be more productive with familiar tasks.
  • A good level of understanding of the new system that can be applied to help other Windows 8 users get to grips with the new interface.
  • An overview of advanced features like Windows To Go that can be leveraged to further boost productivity and efficiency.

The MS Windows 8 – New Features course is essential training for any user who is likely to encounter Windows 8 for the first time. Not only will they better understand the differences, but will also be able to compensate for each, reducing the learning curve and associated drop in productivity. The MS Windows 8 – New Features course is an investment in future productivity.

List of lessons

  • Windows 8 - new beginning
  • Innovations in the user interface
  • Touch it!
  • File Explorer
  • Login and the Microsoft account
  • Modern UI Apps - People and Messaging
  • Windows To Go
  • Back up and restore more easily
  • Keyboard and language settings
Course Code
Online Course
Course Access
1 Year
Exams Included
1 gigahertz (GHz)
1 GB
Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Google Chrome
Safari 6 or above
Mozilla Firefox
Flash Player
Latest version
Windows, Mac



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