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Emergency First Aid For Work and Family

Emergency First Aid For Work and Family

Gain knowledge and skills that can make a real difference when faced with a life-threatening emergency. The most likely place for accidents or illness to occur is at home and in the workplace, so having life-saving skills is vital for all of us.

This course teaches basic first aid for everyone and is the first step to becoming a qualified first aider, a skill that is very attractive to potential employers. All businesses are obliged to ensure that there is suitable first aid provision in case of injury in the work place.

If you are an employer and you don’t need a full First Aider you can have instead an Appointed Person who takes charge when someone is injured or ill. This course will give you a rapid, convenient and robust legal compliance with HSE regulations.


You will receive the training through step-by-step online support and MP4 videos. The course is available for you to complete at your own pace over a 12-month period and focuses on:

  • Being an Appointed Person in the workplace - Learn the role of an Appointed Person in the workplace, the responsibilities attached, how to manage an incident and explore the Health and Safety Regulations 1981. You will learn how to manage a First Aid Kit and what the relevant contents should be, calling emergency services, how to control the risk of infection, the safe way to wash your hands and more.
  • Basic First Aid in the workplace and at home - Explore First Aid kits and facilities; basic First Aid techniques including dealing with choking, bleeding and common types of wounds; an introduction to CPR; six-step hand washing technique, decontamination procedures and much more.


Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, friend or colleague, everyone should have basic knowledge of First Aid and you never know when it may come in useful. Whilst you will not become a qualified first aider after this course although you may wish to go on and undertake one of our practical courses if we fire your interest!

This course will enable you to:

  • Save lives with an easy to remember knowledge of what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest, choking and an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis).
  • An improved awareness of safety at home and in the workplace with basic precautions you should take to avoid the spread of infection. 
  • Increased confidence in dealing with life-threatening situations
  • A valuable qualification that will impress potential employers
  • For employers, compliance with HSE regulations and the assurance of having a competent Appointed Person in the workplace

Everyone should have knowledge of how to save a life. – Start this course today and give yourself and others the peace of mind of knowing that you can be cool and calm in a crisis.

  • Welcome From Paul Wilkins, Paramedic
  • Course Introduction
  • Key Roles And Responsibilities Of First Aiders
First Aid Regulations And Facilities
  • The First Aid Regulations
  • Reporting And Recording Of Accidents At Work
  • First Aid Equipment And Facilities
  • First Aid Regulations And Facilities - Module Test
Aims And Priorities Of First Aid
  • The Main Aims And Priorities For The First Aider
  • The 999 Call Part 1
  • The 999 Call Part 2
  • Aims And Priorities Of First Aid - Module Test
Infection Control
  • Blood Borne Viruses
  • The Six-Step Hand Washing Procedure
  • Decontamination Procedures
  • Infection Control - Module Test
Choking: Airways And Breathing Problems
  • Overview Of The Respiratory System - Part 1
  • Overview Of The Respiratory System - Part 2
  • The Composition Of Air
  • Explanation Of Mild To Severe Choking
  • Treatment Of Choking Adults
  • Treatment Of Choking Infants
  • Choking: Airways And Breathing Problems - Module Test
The Unconscious Casualty
  • The Causes Of Unconsciousness
  • The Secondary Survey Part 1
  • The Secondary Survey Part 2
  • The Secondary Survey Part 3
  • The Secondary Survey Part 4
  • Types Of Head Injury
  • First Aid Treatment Of Head Injury
  • The Unconscious Casualty - Module Test
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Response
  • Breathing
  • Call 999
  • Circulation
  • Rescue Breaths
  • Recovery
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) - Module Test
Consent And Communication
  • The Principles Of Good Communication
  • Key Information To Collect
  • Brief Guidance On Consent Issues
  • Update From Paul Wilkins, Paramedic
  • Consent And Communication - Module Test
  • Common Type Of Wound
  • Types Of Bleeding
  • Effects Of Blood Loss
  • First Aid Treatment Of External Bleeding
  • Use Of Dressings
  • What To Do If An Embedded Foreign Object Is Present
  • Sources Of Bleeding
  • Dealing With Nose Bleeds
  • POV On Bleeding
  • Bleeding - Module Test
  • Introduction To Shock
  • Hypovolaemic Shock
  • First Aid Treatment Of Hypovoaemic Shock
  • Cardiogenic Shock And First Aid Treatment
  • Anaphylactic Shock And First Aid Treatment
  • Update From Paul Wilkins
  • Shock - Module Test
  • Introduction To Anaphylaxis And Its Causes
  • First Aid Treatment Required For Anaphylaxis
  • Treatment Of Anaphylaxis
  • POV On Anaphylaxis Demonstrating The Use Of An Epi Pen
  • Anaphylaxis - Module Test
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