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MCSE SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence with Live Chat Tutor Support

MCSE SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence with Live Chat Tutor Support

Discover how to design, build and deploy business intelligence (BI) applications for enterprise-class organisations with this online course. By the end of this training, you will have the skills needed to earn the MCSE Business Intelligence qualification and design world-class BI applications.

During the course you will learn how to use the SQL Server as the foundation for building BI and reporting solutions. This includes how to query data directly using T-SQL and extract the information needed in the most efficient way. This knowledge will be backed up with a solid understanding of the technology platform that runs behind the scenes.

The course is ideal for:

  • Business intelligence analysts who need to know more about building BI platforms.
  • Reporting engineers who need to know more about extracting the information they need from corporate datastores.
  • Systems administrators who will be responsible for configuring, deploying and managing BI systems.
  • BI consultants who need to earn an industry-recognised qualification.
  • Individuals wanting to facilitate a career change.

The MCSE SQL Server Business Intelligence course is delivered online and consists of instructor-led videos and self-study resources. The course contents are available to access anywhere, anytime, enabling you to study at a time and place most convenient for you. It also includes a built-in social networking platform that allows you to share knowledge and experience with fellow students.

After completing this course, you will fully understand the concepts behind the Microsoft SQL Server and have developed the skills to build business intelligence applications. You will also have learned the information needed to pass the MCSE SQL Server Business Intelligence exam (not included).

Tutor Support

This course will teach you how to go beyond the basic mechanics of the SQL Server and develop, build and deploy business intelligence applications. It also includes live chat tutor support, which is available 24/7 to help you through your training. This is aided by complementary email support which allows our experts to provide in-depth answers to more complex questions.

The human element that LiveTutor provides is key to a true blended learning solution. It takes the inhuman and impersonal elements of online learning and brings them to life!

The mentoring option allows you to have a more structured and guided experience while you study. If the prospect of undertaking a self-taught online course is daunting for you, but you wish to retain the flexibility that can’t be offered by a classroom taught course, then the best option is the mentor programme.


Completing the five modules included in this course will help you develop the skills and knowledge required to pass the MCSE Business Intelligence exams and prepare you for a career in data modelling and reporting.

The first three modules take you through the basic and advanced SQL server concepts to ensure that you fully understand the database infrastructure that will underpin your BI systems.

Continuing towards BI mastery, the fourth module covers building and implementing advanced multi-dimensional data models:

  • How to work with large datasets across multiple platforms.
  • Building Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes and supporting structures such as pivot tables, PowerPivot solutions and Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) to deliver information quickly and efficiently to analysts.
  • Choosing between the Unified Dimensional Model (UDM) and Business Intelligence Semantic models according to specific business data and reporting needs.
  • Developing complex SQL queries to mine multiple datasets and building reports using Crescent.

The final module will help you build on the content of the previous lessons to create BI solutions that extract additional value from corporate data by:

  • Designing BI solutions that meet current and future performance and scalability needs.
  • Using Excel Services and SharePoint Reporting integration to allow for improved data analysis and integration with other line of business applications.
  • Designing, deploying and managing SSIS packages to extend BI application functionality and expose more data for reporting and modelling.


The MCSE SQL Server and Business Intelligence course is essential for IT professionals who want to improve their database and BI design and reporting skills, or gain the knowledge required to pass their MCSA and MCSE exams.

The course delivers:

  • A solid understanding of how to query SQL Server datasets and extract BI data.
  • Build queries and views for advanced reporting and data export.
  • All the training and resources needed to prepare for the MCSA SQL Server and MCSE Business Intelligence exams.
  • An online tutoring service, so you can receive personal advice from an industry expert.
  • The opportunity to develop real-world skills to back up database and Business Intelligence application design theory.
  • Full understanding of the install, configuration and maintenance procedures required to deliver optimum performance and reliability for BI applications.
  • In-depth understanding of BI principles and how to engineer suitable systems using Microsoft technologies.
  • Master the techniques required to query and manipulate data using T-SQL.
  • Construct, deploy and manage an advanced SQL Server data warehouse with BI-focused applications and services.
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