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Mastering Make-up Application Techniques

Mastering Make-up Application Techniques

How have you learned how to apply make-up? Is it by trial and error, from shopping shows on TV, or through magazines? Many women haven’t been trained in make-up application techniques and how to achieve different ‘flawless’ looks, but that could all change for you with this course on ‘at home’ make-up application techniques.

What’s Included In This Course?

videos and just over two hours of video content cover a variety of different make-up looks, for different skin tones and different situations. The videos start with preparing the face for make-up, and move on to fun or office eye make-up. You’ll also learn more about daytime to night-time make-up, and how to achieve a beautiful result on darker skin tones. There will be handy tips in every video, so you can test out highlighting and contouring tips, fresh faced make-up, and how to go over the top in the right way.

Who Is This Course Aimed At?

Everyone is welcome to sign-up and have fun with this informative make-up course. No experience required, just a make-up bag full of goodies needed, so you can put some of the tutorials and different looks into practice. If you are looking for some bite-size video courses where you can see and hear all about different styles of make-up and there application then this course is for you. Great for anyone who wants to improve their own make-up for work or leisure, has a wedding to plan for, or maybe even wants to pick up some tips to hold a beauty and pampering night with friends.


To gain a greater understanding of make-up application techniques for eyes, lips, and full face looks. Course content includes:

  • Introduction to your course instructor.
  • Use of primers, and how to find one that suits your skin.
  • Shopping for the right foundation, and the benefits of colour adjust foundation.
  • Why you should buy paraben free or water based make-up.
  • Different application tools or sponges and how to look after them.
  • Neutralising the skin tone and using concealer.
  • Contouring for everyday make-up.
  • How to use and apply powder.
  • Adjusting your skin preparation to suit aging or darker skin.
  • Learn fun make-up looks for younger eyes, including boldness and definition, and blending different colours.
  • Eye make-up for the workplace using a neutral palette.
  • Easy ways to transform day to night make-up and create a good smoky eye.
  • Learn a daytime look for darker skin tones.
  • Get to grips with adding volume to the lips.
  • Other lip demos include applying lip gloss on dry lips and dramatic lips on darker skin.
  • Further demos on highlighting and contouring, and how it gives definition and structure.
  • What every busy person needs – a quick five minute make-up look.
  • Look at using colour and eye make-up on darker skin.
  • How to use make-up to create a fresh and natural look.
  • How to do over the top make-up ideal for costume parties.


  • Sometimes describing something in text is hard, but with this course you have the benefit of expert tuition and visual demonstrations so you can see exactly how it’s done.
  • The tips and techniques cover the full range of products you’ll typically use, along with different ways to use them.
  • Support and interact with other users via the easy to use learning platform.
  • The opportunity to continue learning with further courses in special effects make-up and becoming a professional make-up artist.
  • Flexible learning that you can take at your own pace.
  • Introduction
  • Prepping the Canvas 1
  • Prepping the Canvas 2
  • Prepping the Canvas 3
  • Young, Fun Eye
  • Office Appropriate Eye
  • Daytime to Nighttime
  • Daytime on Darker Skin Tones
  • Make Your Lips Look Larger
  • Applying Lipgloss to Dry Lips
  • Dramatic Lips for a Darker Skin Tone
  • Highlighting and Contouring
  • Minutes to Fabulous
  • Eyebrows on Darker Skin Tones
  • Playing With Color on Darker Skin Tones
  • Fresh Face
  • Over the Top Look
  • Fresh Face to Daytime to Nighttime Fun
  • Conclusion
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