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Special Effects (fx) Makeup

Special Effects (fx) Makeup

Discover the interesting and intricate world of special effects make-up with this starter course. Special effects make-up can be seen on many TV programmes and films, on stage productions and even at themed conventions. You can use the techniques learnt within this course to either slightly or completely change someone’s appearance, from subtle ageing to changing someone into a horrifying zombie.

What Will I Learn?

The course kicks off by covering a number of basic special effects make-up techniques, such as how to create old and fresh scars to a slit throat. You’ll then move on to learning what it takes to transform someone into a blood-covered zombie! The course then comes to a close with tutorials on how to create the illusion of ageing using prosthetics or just make-up.

Who Is The Course For?

Anyone with a passion for special effects make-up can embark on this journey as there are no entry requirements, however the skills and techniques shown throughout could be valuable to even a practised make-up artist. The flexibility of the course means it’s accessible no matter what your commitments are. You can access the fascinating and instructive videos on any internet enabled device at any time you like - there’s no timetable to stick to so you can work your way through the course at your own pace.


Work through just over seven hours of creative course content to learn the fundamentals of special effects make-up.

  • Learn how to create a realistic cheek gash.
  • Look at how to create a fake bullet hole.
  • Study the difference in creating old and fresh looking scars
  • Learn the skills to create special effects burns.
  • Look at what happens after the skilful application, with make-up removal.
  • Cover how to create believable scratches.
  • Look at what tools and products the professionals use when working on special effects.
  • Learn how to make it look like someone has a slit throat.
  • See how to correctly apply foam latex to skin for the basis of zombie special effects.
  • Look at how to create the illusion of skin decay.
  • Work your way through the layers of painting used to create a zombie face.
  • Learn where and when to add blood.
  • Discover what special effects can be added to the hands.
  • After final touches, learn how to remove all the special effects.
  • See the specific products used when creating a zombie effect.
  • Learn the latex stretch and stippling technique used for ageing special effects.
  • Look at applying latex to the upper lip, chin and neck.
  • Study how to apply latex to the eyes and how paint can be applied to it.
  • Discover how to add age spots and liver spots to the hands.
  • Learn how to correctly remove latex from the skin.
  • See how to create subtle ageing with only makeup.


  • Discover a great new skill with this ideal starter course.
  • Develop skills that could lead to an exciting new career in special effects make-up.
  • Use the techniques for your own enjoyment – at special events, themed parties or conventions.
  • Enjoy the personal one on one feel of the instructional videos.
  • The fantastic video content shows all the different processes up close for easier learning.
  • Follow-on part two course is available for further development of your skills.
  • Enjoy the freedom to study the course from any internet-enabled device at a time that suits you.
  • Relax knowing that, on sign up, you have a full year of access to the course.
  • Should you need help there is always technical support available.
  • Special FX 1
  • Zombie FX
  • Aging FX
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