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Celebrity Yoga and Well-being Course, including Healthy Eating

Celebrity Yoga and Well-being Course, including Healthy Eating

Learn to look and feel amazing from the comfort of your own home with this fantastic course. We and Danielle Collins, the international celebrity yoga training expert, have teamed up to create this exclusive course which makes exercise fun, simple to do and easy to fit into your busy life. The course is a unique six-hour online training course that mirrors Danielle’s classes that are used by celebrities around the world. The course will teach you how to understand and practice yoga and Pilates, give you training in well-being techniques and teach you how important diet is to a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. The course is taught via six 10-minute workouts that will give you a slim and strong body. The workouts are supported by 30-minute sections that teach you how to make nutritional salads and natural skincare solutions to complete your holistic plan.

This course has been designed for your personal enhancement and is led by a highly qualified professional. Danielle has appeared on television with celebrities including Louise Redknapp, David Dickinson and Sherrie Hewson, and has appeared on TV shows such as Channel 4’s How Not to Get Old and on a beauty expert edition of the BBC’s The Weakest Link with Anne Robinson. Danielle has also featured in Vogue, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Metro, Good Housekeeping, The Huffington Post and many more publications worldwide.

Health Warning:

Please consult your doctor before beginning this exercise programme. Do not use this programme if you are feeling unwell, have recently eaten a heavy meal, have been drinking alcohol or if you have been taking medication without first consulting a doctor. If you experience dizziness, shortness of breath, fainting or bleeding do not attempt to do any of the techniques, and consult a medical practitioner immediately. The creators, producers and distributors of this programme do not accept responsibility for any injury or accident incurred as a result of following the exercises in the programme.

Key Learning Points

With Danielle guiding you, you will take an in depth look at yoga and Pilates techniques that will give you a strong, fit body and how to support your workouts with diet, skincare routines and other well-being techniques. The focus areas of this course include:

  1. Yoga, Pilates and toning - Video based classes will lead you through 10-minute workouts that will give you a slim and strong body. It is recommended that you spend 60 minutes studying these and then 60 minutes practicing them. You can then use them at any time as quick 10-minute solutions to sculpt the arms, tone the tummy, lift the bottom and define the legs.
  2. Nutrition and skincare - 30-minute sections will teach you that well-being isn’t just about exercise, but diet and taking care of your body also really count. Learn how to make delicious nutritional salads and how to make your own natural skincare remedies to holistically support your exercise plan.
  3. Full colour instruction manual - The downloadable instruction manual will support you in gaining a deeper understanding of the course. Lesson contents include the theory behind yoga and Pilates, anti-aging face yoga exercises, how to do Energy Exercises, how to avoid stress, how to breathe correctly, tips to improve sleep, how to enhance health and well-being and how to improve eating and nutrition.


This engaging course will teach you how to look and feel amazing from the comfort of your own home. You will build up an in depth knowledge of how to exercise properly, how your body is benefitting from the exercise and how to support the exercises with diet and well-being techniques. The course benefits include:

  • An improved understanding of yoga and Pilates
  • Look and feel great using simple but effective exercises
  • Lose weight and tone your body
  • Learn how to make delicious nutritional salads
  • Learn how to make natural skincare remedies
  • Understand stress and learn breathing techniques to help reduce stress
  • Professional tuition from Danielle Collins, international yoga expert
  • Learn at your own pace and fully understand every principle

Buy now and change your life! Learn how to look and feel amazing with these simple workouts – all from the comfort of your own home.

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