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Medicinal Herbs Diploma

Medicinal Herbs Diploma

For generations, families have used and relied on traditional herbal medicine for the treatment of various ailments. Recent study and research has now recognised this as scientifically correct. For a more balanced approach to living, it may pay to call upon herbal remedies for self-limiting conditions.

Study this course and give your family the benefit and experience of complementary treatments, instead of potent drugs from GP’s and consultants which all come packed with a long list of side effects.

Why should I enrol onto this course?

A fulfilling 8, easy-to-digest modules will provide safe information and the necessary knowledge for making and using herbal remedies at home.


The program is easy to fit around your current commitments and promises to deliver wonderful healthy alternatives to conventional medicine.

  • Learn all about growing and pruning your own herbs from seeds and cuttings.
  • Learn of the best time to harvest herbs.
  • Drying and storage of herbs.
  • Herbal infusions – Understand the guidelines for making herbal remedies.
  • Herbal decoctions.
  • Understand Herbal First aid.
  • Research what equipment is required to make different remedies.
  • Explore how to prepare various types of carrier for the herbs e.g. tinctures and capsules, infused oils, massage, oils, ointments and creams, washes.
  • Explore common symptoms, preventative treatments and remedies for adolescents.
  • Understand main considerations when preparing remedies for babies or toddlers e.g. how to disguise taste.
  • Understand common symptoms, preventative treatments and remedies for middle age.
  • Identify common skin lesions.
  • Look at common ailments, symptoms, preventative treatments and remedies for the elderly.


  • No pre-requisite.
  • Readily available for you to access online from anywhere.
  • Gain essential knowledge to treat ailments at home the natural way.
  • At the end of each unit there is a multiple choice question assessment, which is a great way to help you remember the main points of each lesson and confirmation that you have retained the essential knowledge.
  • Drying and storage
  • Herbal infusions
  • Herbal decoctions
  • Tinctures and capsules
  • Infused oils, massage oils
  • Ointments and creams
  • Harvesting herbs - flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, bark, sap
  • Washes
  • Herbal suppliers
  • Herbal first aid
  • Growing medicinal herbs - buying, planting, growing from seed, pruning, taking cuttings
  • Babies and children - common symptoms, preventative treatments and remedies
  • Adolescents and young adults - common symptoms, preventative treatments and remedies
  • Middle Age - common symptoms, preventative treatments and remedies
  • The elderly - common symptoms, preventative treatments and remedies
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