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Arabic Online Course (Lebanese) – Level 1

Arabic Online Course (Lebanese) – Level 1

Lebanese Arabic or Lebanese is a variety of Levantine Arabic, indigenous to and spoken primarily in Lebanon, with significant linguistic influences borrowed from other Middle Eastern and European languages, and is in some ways unique from other varieties of Arabic.

Reignite the rich history of Lebanon as you enjoy learning this fascinating language with its unique pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

Whether you call it Lebanese Arabic, Lebanese dialect, or Lebanese language, here with e-Careers you will learn the living Lebanese language the way it is spoken and used every day. You will discover that what makes this language extraordinary is that written ‘Lebanese Arabic’ is different from the way it is spoken.


You will gain skills to enable you to engage in simple, friendly conversations using key expressions and phrases that will help you convey a sense of appreciation for the language and the culture.

This course will provide you with all the essentials that you would expect to gain from your first exposure to Lebanese Arabic:

  • Identify the alphabet and the sounds in Arabic Lebanese
  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Talk about colours
  • Use numbers 1-20
  • Use the days of the week
  • Use simple greetings
  • Talk about professions
  • Talk about countries and where you live
  • Tell the time
  • Give your phone number and contact details
  • Talk about food and drinks


  • Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process.
  • You will have the advantage of being able to explore and understand another culture.
  • Learning another language will increase your creativity and improve your memory.
  • Having this language skillset will bear a great advantage when you travel, making it both easier and more enjoyable.
  • Language learning can make you smarter, improve your decision-making, and even keep your brain healthy in old age!
  • You will build your self-confidence as you broaden your knowledge of a second language.
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