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Rune divination Diploma

Rune divination Diploma

Reading runes is one of the most popular methods of Prediction!

What Are Runes?

Runes, an ancient alphabet found in inscriptions on stone in Scandinavian countries.

The word ‘rune’ simply means mystery, whisper or secret and it’s a form of divination or oracle reading system that’s used to help gain insight into situations or questions.

Rune stones, (sometimes cards), are used as tools of divination - a way to predict one's future. Rune Stones come in a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols. They can be made of different materials - wood or glass most common and attractive - and usually kept in a pouch or box. They usually come with a book of instructions defining the symbols.

Runes are an ancient form of oracle used by those seeking advice. Runes have a long history, dating back to ancient use by Germanic and Nordic tribes, and are still widely used in today’s society.


Anyone can have a rune reading, but it’s also fun to be able to learn how to use them yourself. Here’s a guide to all you need to get started with using runes.

On completion of this programme you will:

  • Understand the origin and meaning of Runes
  • Explain the definition of the word "Runes"
  • Explore the three houses of Runes Freyers, Hagals and Tyrs Aett
  • Understand the twelves houses relate to the hours of a clock
  • Explain different methods of casting runes
  • Understand the general Interpretations of the runes and their elements
  • Understand the meaning of Hagal
  • Understand the meaning when positioned on rune cloth or circle
  • Understand the meaning of Tyr
  • Understand the meaning when positioned on rune cloth or circle
  • Understand the meaning of WYRD and how to read its message
  • Understand your Rune Divination counselling responsibilities


  • You will almost acquire another “sense” by learning and developing skills to create a form of communication through reading runes.
  • The study of Runes can enhance your own personal development, spiritual growth and spread an element of consciousness throughout human societies and into the universe.
  • You can pass on the benefits of your skills by sharing your wisdom with family and friends.
  • Furthermore, this powerful and ancient magic can bring positive changes into your life.
  • Studying runes can be a very enjoyable hobby, and research suggests that there are many positive health benefits associated with taking up a hobby. For e.g. stress relief, lowered blood pressure as well as reduced risk of depression and dementia.
  • The course is studied and completed online, making learning easier than ever!.
  • What’s more you will gain a certificate on completion.
  • The origin & meaning of runes/li>
  • The house of Freyr
  • How to use runes - stones & cards
  • The house of Hagal
  • Rune casting - stones & rune cards
  • The house of Tyr
  • The 12 houses & their meanings
  • Responsibility as a rune counsellor
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