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Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography

Learn how to shoot beautiful, long exposure photographs each and every time with this fantastic course that would suit any proficiency. Whether you are a proud owner of a DSLR camera, a simple digital camera or you rely on your trusty smartphone for daily snaps, long exposure photographs are possible – even if it is via a downloadable iPhone app. Sign up to this course today, and you will learn how, as soon as you are ready to log in and go!

From Equipment to Editing

Gain valuable guidance and pick up some fantastic techniques, so that you can shoot with long exposure shots in no time at all. From the gear you need and the settings you need to use, to the skills required to edit the snaps in Adobe Lightroom, this quick start course has it all in one place, ready for you to enjoy at a pace that suits you.

Five Easy-to-Understand Modules

Make use of the live demonstrations, in conjunction with the tutorials that are available as part of the online syllabus. This combination of material will help every student to learn by doing, gaining practical and theoretical knowledge that will prove invaluable in the creation of long exposure shots that you can be proud of.

Key learning points

Whether you’re already an avid photographer, or you’re a complete beginner who would like to learn more, this course is an ideal stepping stone on your journey through the world of photography.

  • Learn more about the definition of long exposure photography, and what it actually entails.
  • Work your way through the long exposure tutorials, gaining insight on topic areas including the gear you will need and the camera settings that are required.
  • Learn how to set the shutter speed for long exposure photographs, and in contrast, learn how to shoot long exposures with an iPhone thanks to the apps that can be acquired from the App Store.
  • Spend time watching live demonstrations, on subjects including ‘the lake’ and ‘the fountain’, to appreciate long exposure photography in action.
  • Get to grips with some of the basic features of Adobe Lightroom, and learn how to use it to edit long exposure photographs.

Advantages of this course

  • Work through the course material at times that are convenient to you. Courseware is available 24/7, 365 days a year – all you need is internet access!
  • Courseware can be accessed across various browsers and devices, so you can study at home or on the go.
  • Lessons can also be downloaded to your device, so that you can study without internet access if you like!
  • Learn from the best, with this expert-led course delivered by professionals in the field.
  • Lifetime access means students can refer to the course material whenever they like.
  • Expand your photography know-how with this quick start course, and create visually stunning long exposure photographs in no time.

What are you waiting for? If you have a passion for photography and would like to understand more about long exposure shots, sign up to this video tutorial course today!

Getting Started
  • Introduction
  • The Course Project
The Long Exposure Tutorials
  • What is Long Exposure Photography
  • Gear You Need for Long Exposure
  • Camera Settings for Long Exposures
  • How to Set Shutter Speed for Long Exposures
  • How to Shoot Long Exposures with an iPhone
Live Long Exposure Demonstrations
  • Live Demonstration 1 - The Lake
  • Live Demonstration 2 - The Fountain
Editing Long Exposure Photographs in Adobe Lightroom
  • Practice Editing Part 1
  • Practice Editing Part 2
  • Thank You
  • Sunsets & Silhouettes
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