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MS Access 2013 Package – Introduction, Intermediate And Advanced

MS Access 2013 Package – Introduction, Intermediate And Advanced

Take a learning journey from beginner to advanced level with this great value set of Microsoft Access 2013 courses. These interactive courses are designed to help you master and use the popular database creation program with ease. You’ll be guided throughout the courses by a virtual teacher, and be able to take part in stimulating exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge and practise using different functions of the programme. Altogether there are 66 lessons and approximately 33 study hours to work through, so you’re sure to achieve proficiency in Microsoft Access 2013 with this package.

What Will I Learn?

As you work through the interactive course package you will become familiar with the Access user environment and terminology. It’s like a step by step guide to creating and managing databases, so you can expect to learn about tables, the role of relations in linking tables together, and how to enter and select data in your files. Learn how to make queries of your data, how to make forms and reports to present the results, and the role of macros in automating databases.

Who Is This For?

If you work in a business, marketing or administration role and need to get up to speed with databases, then this three course Access 2013 package is an ideal all-in-one solution. Flexible, bite-size course materials mean you can learn at your own pace, study away from the home or office, and easily fit the course into busy everyday life.


Complete these three interactive courses and you will finish with advanced level knowledge of MS Access 2013.

MS Access 2013 Introduction

  • Learn about relational databases and the basics of working with MS Access.
  • Get to grips with the terminology used through the program.
  • Look at and use different ways of creating tables.
  • Learn how to set properties of fields within your tables.
  • Make queries and learn how to analyse the table data in more depth.
  • Create calculated fields in database tables.
  • Try setting relations between tables and maintaining their integrity.
  • Learn an easy way to put together forms and reports.

MS Access 2013 Intermediate

  • Learn how to create totals and parameter queries.
  • Learn more about queries that operate with functions.
  • Get to grips with table joins, and how they can alter query results.
  • Familiarise yourself with the design view and how to create forms there.
  • Try inserting calculated fields into the forms you’ve created in design view.
  • Begin designing and editing reports.
  • Practise performing different calculations in your reports.
  • Learn about subforms and subreports, and how to insert these and other controls into forms and reports.

MS Access 2013 Advanced

  • Look in-depth at action queries.
  • Learn about SQL view and become familiar with the types of queries used here.
  • Become familiar with macros and how to use them to automate your database use.
  • Begin to explore importing and exporting objects and data contained within them.
  • Look at different printing options for different objects.
  • Get to grips with how to normalise data.
  • Examine all the options for navigating around a database.


  • Build up your skill level step by step with this follow-on three course package.
  • Look out for the pre-assessment and final test which will track your progress.
  • Students will all learn from corrections made to course exercises.
  • Progress is stored, so you can easily jump back into the course where you left off.
  • This is a course that covers all bases you need to achieve competency in MS Access 2013.
  • This package will look great on your CV when you apply for jobs that require database skills.

Exciting job and business opportunities could await if you build on your computer knowledge with this three course Microsoft Access 2013 package.

  • MS Access 2013: Introduction
  • MS Access 2013: Intermediate
  • MS Access 2013: Advanced
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