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CAPM Certified Associate In Project Management

CAPM Certified Associate In Project Management

Kick-start a career in project management with the CAPM Certified Associate in Project Management. Designed as an introduction to project management concepts and techniques, the CAPM certification is recognised across the world with over 25,000 registered holders.

The CAPM certification course is particularly well-suited to:

  • Project managers who need to improve on the basics of their discipline.
  • Employees who have recently acquired project management responsibilities and need to improve their skillset accordingly.
  • Senior project team members who want to better understand their roles within the project management cycle.
  • People interested in cross-training into a new career that involves elements of project management.

By introducing managers and other project professionals to the general management lifecycle for a project, students gain a greater understanding of how the framework is applied. Using what they learn on the course, delegates will be ready to become valuable members of the project team, or to take management control of their first ever project.

Key Learning Points

13 course modules take students through the complete project lifecycle, using simple examples to introduce the core lifecycle stages and the sorts of activities that need to be completed at each. Delegates will learn about:

  • The general features common to all projects, including terminology, relationships and organisational structures required to successfully deliver a project.
  • Project management processes, like the process group interactions and the difference between project lifecycle and project management process.
  • Managing each of the project processes to ensure timely progress, including the assembly of a project management team, developing a project plan, and how to close projects and phases according to pre-agreed standards.
  • Using scope definitions to reduce the likelihood of project creep whilst continuing to deliver according to stakeholder requirements.
  • Managing time and cost factors that could critically affect project success.
  • Defining and maintaining standards of quality throughout the project processes and final deliverables.
  • Assigning and managing the human resources required to meet project obligations.
  • Building a communications framework to ensure the free flow of data and information between stakeholders and the project team.
  • Managing risk and other factors which could affect project deliverables.
  • Building a procurement framework that ensures materials and resources are sourced at the right points throughout the project lifecycle.
  • How to identify stakeholders and manage interactions to ensure free flow of information without negatively affecting project progress.

Advantages of this course

Upon completion of the CAPM course, project managers and other delegates will have a good, high-level understanding project management principles and processes – enough to help them get started managing their own projects. As an industry-approved, globally-recognised qualification, candidates passing the CAPM exam will benefit from:

  • A deeper appreciation of project management procedures, allowing them to be more effective in their role.
  • Documented proof of project management understanding.
  • Improved employment prospects within project management roles.

The CAPM course and exam are an essential qualification for professionals who need a basic understanding of project management processes helping them to become more effective in their current roles. The CAPM qualification is the first stepping stone to improved employment opportunities and a career move into project management proper.

  • Overview-Part1
  • Overview-Part2
  • Overview-Part3
  • Introduction
Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle
  • Organizational Structures and Process-Part1
  • Organizational Structures and Process-Part2
Project Management Process
  • Project Management Process-Part1
  • Project Management Process-Part2
  • Project Management Process Questions
Project Integration Management-Part
  • Project Integration Management-Part1
  • Project Integration Management-Part2
  • Project Integration Management-Part3
  • Project Integration Management Questions
Project Scope Management
  • ProjectScopeManagement
  • Define Scope
  • Create WBS
  • Validate Scope
  • Project Scope Management Questions
Project Time Management
  • Project Time Management-Part1
  • Project Time Management-Part2
  • Project Time Management-Part3
  • Project Time Management-Part4
  • Project Time Management-Part5
  • Develop Schedule-Part1
  • Develop Schedule-Part2
  • Develop Schedule-Part3
  • Develop Schedule-Part4
  • Develop Schedule-Part5
  • Develop Schedule Questions
Project Cost Management
  • Project Cost Management-Part1
  • Project Cost Management-Part2
  • Project Cost Management-Part3
  • Project Cos tManagement-Part4
  • Project Cost Management-Part5
  • Project Cost Management Questions
Project Quality Management
  • Project Quality Management-Part1
  • Project Quality Management-Part2
  • Project Quality Management-Part3
  • Project Quality Management-Part4
  • Project Quality Management Questions
Project Human Resource Management
  • Project Human Resource Management-Part1
  • Project Human Resource Management-Part2
  • Project Human Resource Management-Part3
  • Project Human Resource Management Questions
Project Communications Management
  • Project Communications Management-Part1
  • Project Communications Management-Part2
  • Project Communications Management Questions
Project Risk Management
  • Project Risk Management-Part1
  • Project Risk Management-Part2
  • Project Risk Management-Part3
  • Project Risk Management-Part4
  • Project Risk Management-Part5
  • Project Risk Management-Part6
  • Project Risk Management-Part7
  • Project Risk Management Questions
Project Procurement Management
  • Project Procurement Management-Part1
  • Project Procurement Management-Part2
  • Project Procurement Management-Part3
  • Project Procurement Management-Part4
  • Project Procurement Management-Part5
  • Project Procurement Management Questions
Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management-Part1
  • Project Stakeholder Management-Part2
  • Project Stakeholder Management Questions
Professional Responsibility
  • Professional Responsibility
Preparing For Exam
  • Preparing For Exam
  • Outro

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Online Course
Course Access
1 Year
Exams Included
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Windows Vista
Windows 8
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Internet Explorer 10 or above
Google Chrome
Safari 6 or above
Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android



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