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Six Sigma Bundle

Six Sigma Bundle

Engineering professionals all over the world agree that Six Sigma is the best methodology to improve business performance with the needs of the customer firmly at the forefront. This is achieved by deploying a structured, scientific and data-driven organisational process and culture. This superb-value online training bundle equips you with not just Six Sigma Green Belt status but also the Black Belt status you require to be able to work under Master Black Belts.

What Does It Involve?

In Six Sigma, all activities within a business are viewed as processes whose inputs can be controlled to implement significant improvements in process outputs and minimise wasted resources. This is achieved via a rigorous and systematic methodology known as DMAIC which stands for define, measure, analyse, improve and control. As a Six Sigma Green Belt, you will gain crucial expertise and as a Black Belt you will become a key player when it comes to becoming more responsive to customer needs, operating using world-class cost structures and achieving near perfect quality and efficiency within your organisation.

How Do I Study?

This easy-to-engage-with course bundle is specifically designed for busy professionals who need to fit their learning around existing commitments. All learning is undertaken online, meaning you are always firmly in control of the timing, place and pace of your study.


Progress through the 45 easy-to-engage with modules to learn all you need to know to achieve Green Belt and ultimately move on to Black Belt.

Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Learn about how Six Sigma fits into the organisation.
  • Explore the important area of project identification, the voice of the customer, project management basics on Six Sigma Green Belt, management and planning tools, business results for project and team dynamics in relation to the define phase of Six Sigma.
  • Gain an insight into process analysis and documentation, probability and statistics, statistical distributions, collecting and summarising data, measurements system analysis (MSA) and process and performance capability within the measure phase.
  • Learn what you need to know about process drivers, design of experiment (DOE), root cause analysis and lean tools in the improve phase.
  • Get to grips with the control phase where you’ll learn about statistical process control and lean tools for process control.
  • Review key concepts and prepare for the exam.

Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Begin by learning about wide planning and deployment.
  • Find out what you need to know about leadership.
  • Gain a good understanding of organisational process measures and management.
  • Get to grips with team management.
  • Digest an overview of the define phase and the voice of the customer and learn about the define phase in relation to business case, project charter and analytical tools.
  • Learn about the measure phase in relation to process analysis and documentation, data collection, measurement systems, basic statistics, probability and process capability.
  • Explore the analyse phase when it comes to hypothesis testing, FEMA and additional analysis methods.
  • Find out about design of experiments (DOE) and lean method within the improve phase.
  • Learn about the control phase including statistical process control (SPC), other controls and maintaining controls and sustaining improvements.
  • Cover the important area of DFSS before reviewing key concepts and preparing for the exam.


  • Get all the high-quality, in-depth content of a live class at a fraction of the cost and time commitment involved in traditional study.
  • Move at your own pace by pausing, rewinding and fast-forwarding the content using the intuitive navigation and controls.
  • Expert instructors with over 15 years of relevant industry experience put their skills into practise with practical scenarios you can relate to the world of work.
  • Visual demonstrations, multimedia presentations, flash cards and educational games make learning fun, engaging and appealing to different styles of learning.
  • The exam simulators and practice quizzes incorporated into the training bundle content empower you test learning retention as you progress.
  • Technical support is available, should you encounter difficulties.
  • Achieving Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt status is a clever move that should lead to financially rewarding career opportunities.

Become a Six Sigma superstar by signing up to the Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Bundle today.

Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Organization - Wide Planning and Deployment
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Process Measures and Management
  • Team Management
  • Define Phase - Overview of the Define Phase and the Voice of the Customer
  • Define Phase - Business Case and Project Charter
  • Define Phase - Analytical Tools
  • Measure Phase - Process Analysis and Documentation
  • Measure Phase - Data Collection
  • Measure Phase ­ Measurement Systems
  • Measure Phase - Basic Statistics
  • Measure Phase - Probability
  • Measure Phase - Process Capability
  • Analyze Phase - Measuring and Modeling Relationships
  • Analyze Phase - Hypothesis Testing
  • Analyze Phase - FEMA and Additional Analysis Methods
  • Improve Phase - Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Improve Phase - Lean Method
  • Improve Phase ­ Implementation
  • Control Phase - Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Control Phase - Other Controls
  • Control Phase - Maintain Controls and Sustain Improvements
  • DFSS
  • Exam Review - Prep and Key Concepts
Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma And The Organization
  • Define Phase ­ Project Identification
  • Define Phase ­ Voice Of The Customer
  • Define Phase ­ Project Management Basics on Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Define Phase ­ Management And Planning Tools
  • Define Phase ­ Business Results For Projects
  • Define Phase ­ Team Dynamics And Define Phase Summary Review Questions
  • Measure Phase ­ Process Analysis And Documentation
  • Measure Phase ­ Probability And Statistics
  • Measure Phase ­ Statistical Distributions
  • Measure Phase ­ Collecting And Summarizing Data
  • Measure Phase ­ Measurements System Analysis (MSA)
  • Measure Phase ­ Process And Performance Capability And Measure Phase Summary And Review
  • Analyze Phase ­Exploratory Data Analysis And Hypothesis Testing
  • Analyze Phase Process Drivers
  • Improve Phase ­ Design Of Experiment (DOE)
  • Improve Phase ­ Root Cause Analysis
  • Improve Phase ­ Lean Tools
  • Control Phase ­ Statistical Process Control
  • Control Phase ­ Lean Tools For Process Control
  • Review Exam ­ Prep And Key Concepts
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