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Health and Safety in Early Years

Health and Safety in Early Years

Delve into the extensive topic of health and safety, and get to grips with some of the key aspects that are directly related with working in an early years environment. As a childcare practitioner, it’s essential that you adopt healthy and safe practices in the workplace, in order to ensure the children in your care are safe and secure, and their welfare is prioritised. Courses such as this one will help you to grasp some of the essential concepts, so that you can make sure that your learning environment is as safe as possible.

Avoid Accidents, Assess Risks

As an adult, you’ll know that many accidents that we see on a daily basis can be avoided if the proper care is taken and the necessary risk assessments are completed. As we know, children can be extremely accident-prone; being curious or ‘trying to run before you can walk’ are natural parts of growing up! However, more serious accidents and injuries can be prevented with a well-executed risk assessment, and learning how to perform one of these is a fundamental part of this course that is aimed at Academic.

Encourage Independence

While the easy option would be to over-supervise children during their early years, so that they don’t have the opportunity to suffer accident or injury, it’s important to promote independence and encourage them to manage risk themselves as well. Learning how to make their own judgements and learn what is safe and what isn’t is an essential life skill that can help safeguard their future well-being, and it’s up to you, as a childcare practitioner, to identify and manage potential hazards, while also teaching the children in your care how to keep themselves safe and sound.

Key Learning Points

It isn’t necessary for students to be working in a managerial or team leader role to complete this course. It would be very beneficial to all individuals who work in an early years environment, regardless of their job role.

  • Learn how to establish a safe and secure environment for children, and recognise the importance of using risk assessments to raise everybody’s awareness to potential dangers.
  • Identify ways in which practitioners can prevent safety hazards.
  • Look at ways in which leaders can maintain a healthy, safe and secure environment for children, particularly with regards to hygiene practices including washing hands properly. Understand basic hygiene and how to promote it within an early years service.
  • Learn more about the procedures for accidents, injuries, illnesses and other emergencies.
  • Explore ways in which you can encourage children to manage risk for themselves, in order to promote independence and safeguard future well-being.
  • Take a look at the EYFS statutory framework and get to grips with Section 3, which covers the safeguarding and welfare requirements, and promoting children’s welfare.

Advantages of this course

  • Study online, at a time that is convenient to you. All course material required to pass the lesson is available online, and accessible at any time.
  • A technical support team is available to help you if there are any technical-related issues with the courseware during your study time.
  • Study at home, or on the move, with courseware compatibility that spans a range of platforms.
  • Work your way through a variety of resources to suit your learning style, including PowerPoint presentations, videos, tutorials and downloadable activity sheets. Test your progress with a health and safety quiz to see where gaps in your knowledge may lie.
  • Embrace the recommended independent learning resources, and extend your knowledge even further, covering subject areas such as walk to school schemes, school trips, notifiable diseases, first aid and risk assessment.
  • Complete the course by working your way through a simple multiple choice assessment.
  • Go on to complete further health and safety training and add some valuable skills to your CV.
  • Your children’s welfare, health and safety will be in safe hands once you have finished your health and safety training!

Boost your knowledge of basic health and safety, and improve your skills as an early years practitioner. Sign up to this course today!

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