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Learn Python Django from Scratch

Learn Python Django from Scratch

Want to learn how to develop websites using the Django framework? You’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive, easy-to-follow course will guide you step-by-step from Django novice through to a confident working knowledge of Django that will be consolidated as you progress by hands-on practical exercises and end-of-section quizzes.

Is the Course Right For Me?

Learn Python Django from Scratch is designed specifically for intermediate Python users who wish to apply the skillset they already possess to the web. Users of other programming languages may be able to follow the course, but beginner developers won’t be quite ready for this expansive and detailed programme that assumes a working knowledge of Python and programming concepts.

What will I Learn?

During the 52 lectures and 6.5 hours of easy-to-access course content, you’ll create your own sophisticated website from scratch using Django and incorporating an authentication system, e-commerce with PayPal and Stripe, Geolocation and map integration and web services. If you’re serious about your web development career, Django is the way to go. It’s the web application framework used by some of the biggest complex database-driven websites in the world, including Instagram, Pinterest, The Washington Times, Mozilla, and the Public Broadcasting Service.


This course will build on your existing Python knowledge to take your skillset to a whole new level with the addition of Django to your repertoire.

  • Get to grips with how Django creates web applications, specifically software normally backed up by a database that includes interactivity and operates through a browser. Also, learn how its framework eases the creation of complex database-driven websites.
  • Learn about PyCharm, a smart code editor that supports not just Python but JavaScript and CSS among other languages. It’s an integrated development environment that supports web development with Django and provides code analysis, graphical debugging and integrated unit testing.
  • Get confident working with Git, a free and open source version control system, designed to handle projects of all sizes with speed and data integrity. it records changes you make as you build your website so, if you need to, you can easily recall an earlier version.
  • Work through three detailed sections, Course Introduction, Introduction to Django and Creating a User Authentication System.


  • The early sections are deliberately slower and more thorough than later ones so that all learners are given a solid foundation in Django. All lectures are delivered in eLearning’s informal, accessible style.
  • All sections are clearly introduced with a conclusion and quiz at the end so you can test your knowledge as you progress through the course.
  • As you start to build your site, you’ll add a new element with every section of the course until ultimately you have a fully functional web storefront that’s ready to take orders, process payments and receive and display user input after you’ve tested and debugged it.
  • Prove your Django skillset with the end of course exam.
  • Give your career prospects a serious boost by becoming confident in this much-in-demand web development skillset.
  • Using Python, with its versatility and emphasis on readability and simplicity, greatly aids the process of learning Django.
  • Prove your new Django expertise with the certificate of completion.
  • Study across all devices, including your phone.

Learning Django is proven gateway to both expertise and opportunity, so sign up to Learn Python Django from Scratch today.

Course Introduction
  • Course Introduction
  • Overview of the Final Project
Introduction to Django
  • Section Introduction
  • Django Installation and Configuration
  • MVC Applied to Django and Git
  • Basic Views, Templates and URLs
  • Models, Databases, Migrations and the Django Admin
  • Section Recap
  • Section 2 Quiz
Creating a User Authentication System
  • Section Introduction
  • Setting Up A Simple User Authentication System
  • Login and Session Variables
  • Social Registration
  • Section Recap
  • Section 3 Quiz
  • Quiz Review
  • Section Introduction
  • Template Language and Static Files
  • Twitter Bootstrap Integration
  • Static File Compression and Template Refactoring
  • Section Recap
  • Section 4 Quiz
  • Quiz Review
  • Section Introduction
  • Preparing The Storefront
  • Adding a Shopping Cart
  • PayPal Integration
  • Stripe Integration with Ajax
  • Section Recap
  • Section 5 Quiz
  • Quiz Review
File Uploading, Ajax and E-mailing
  • Section Introduction
  • File Uploading
  • Working with Forms
  • Advanced Emailing
  • Section Recap
  • Section 6 Quiz
  • Quiz Review
Geolocation and Map Integration
  • Section Introduction
  • Adding a Map Representation with Geolocation
  • Advanced Map Usage
  • Section Recap
  • Section 7 Quiz
  • Quiz Review
Django Power-Ups: Services and Signals
  • Section Introduction
  • Building a Web Service with Tastypie
  • Django Signals
  • Section Recap
  • Section 8 Quiz
  • Quiz Review
Testing Your Site
  • Section Introduction
  • Adding the Django Debug Toolbar
  • Unit Testing
  • Logging
  • Section Recap
  • Section 9 Quiz
  • Quiz Review
Course Conclusion
  • Course Conclusion
  • Certificate Exam Access
Course Code
Online Course
Course Access
1 Year
Exams Included
1 gigahertz (GHz)
1 GB
Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Google Chrome
Safari 6 or above
Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac, Android



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